Case in point

OMG, turn your head! How do I work on your neck if you're showing the camera how hot you are?
This is what I’m competing with.

This just popped into my inbox. Two 30-minute massages for $29. $14.50 per massage. That’s roughly what massage therapists get paid at Massage Envy, assuming the therapists get paid the entire amount and none of this goes to overhead (hint: that doesn’t happen ever).

This is a hard environment for spas and wellness centers to thrive in. I understand that. But a lot of them are able to offer these deals because they discount their employees’ pay on Groupon* services. I saw something on Craigslist where a therapist got so overwhelmed by a Groupon she sold that she was advertising for subcontractors for $10/hour. That’s insulting.

Not to mention that setting up and cleaning the hot stones is a major pain in the butt (assuming they’re cleaning them properly, which I will). That’s a lot of work for just a 30-minute session. And they’re going to be doing a butt-ton of them if hundreds of people bought the Groupon. Yuck, those poor therapists.

*I’m using Groupon as a general term for all those discount coupon sites. Deal with it.


3 thoughts on “Case in point

  1. There’s always someone offering to do it cheaper (whatever business you’re in) a lot of people want value before quality, which sucks.

  2. It’s kind of the basis for capitalism. However, if the people who provide quality services can’t make a living, what’s left?

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