The current situation

I’m so burned out on massage therapy I can barely stand to walk into work. And I don’t hate the work, I hate the job. And the lifestyle.

Look! I'm hot, but not *too* hot!
How am I supposed to work on someone’s back when they’re cranking their neck to the side?

And the work.

What I like, in no order:

1) The physical work. It’s fun to just put your hands on something and fix it the way you want it to.

2) When I get a great client that I really click with. I like feeling valued, really.

3) Being good at something, and being an expert at something.

What I hate:

1) I always work weekends. I don’t mind it sometimes, and having Tuesdays off is pretty great. But sometimes it would be nice to be on the same rhythm as the rest of the world.

2) You can never give enough for some people. I never charge a low enough price. I never have the right hours. If someone leaves a voice mail, I try to call them back. But there’s no point–they never return my calls.

2.5) It’s hard to stay competitive in the current climate. If someone can get a decent massage at exactly the time they want it from a big box massage place, they will. Or they’ll wait for a Groupon. Even independent contractors will cut their rates to compete. Well, what if I don’t want to charge $30/hour? What if I can’t make a living charging $30/hour for massage (who can?)?

3) I worry about arthritis in my joints, especially my right thumb. What do I do if my body wears out? A different job, I guess. Should I wait until that happens or just move on now?

4) Trying and failing to find that elusive chemistry with clients. What makes some stick around while others just come in occasionally, or never again? I’m sure a lot of it is personality. There’s nothing wrong with my personality, but somehow it isn’t clicking with as many clients as I need to make this business work.

It’s been 5 years. I feel like, if it was going to happen for me, it would have happened already.


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