The plan

Step by step

I alluded to grad school in an earlier post. I’m thinking I’d like to become a teacher. I’d like to teach kids about writing and literature, like middle school or maybe high school. I think that would be really fun, don’t you?

Right now the plan is:


– Investigate grad schools. I’m attending an info session at the University of Minnesota on 12/5. I’ve also got some school info marked on Pinterest to read later (I never understood the reason for secret Pinterest boards until now).

– Talk to teachers about teaching. I’ve started doing this in my online community and in real life. My aunt sent me a nice Facebook message that I still need to finish processing before I see her at Christmas.

– Investigate Teach for America. My aunt told me, “But they’ll make you teach in an inner city school for a year!” Two years, actually, and really, I’d probably end up doing that anyway.

– Continue volunteering at Homework Hub. Homework Hub is hard and challenging, but I look forward to it all week.

– Study for the GRE. Bleh.


– Take the GRE. Bleh bleh.

– Apply to schools.


– Finish applications.

– I don’t know, make money, I guess? Read the last books I’ll have time for?


– Start school. It should take about 18 months or so to finish. Then, I guess I’ll try to work as a teacher starting in January 2015. I might be working through TFA or not.

Lots to do.


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