Making statements

"jerri blank" is not a Google Images search you want to do if you're planning to enjoy your breakfast
I’ve got something to say!

New updates on the grad school front: I did some investigation into what school options exist in my area. I really don’t want to relocate unless it’s absolutely necessary.

My #1 pick is University of Minnesota. Well, guess what? Their application deadline is December 14. Yes, December. Because their program starts in June, not fall like you’d think. (It’s for a very good reason–you do 3 semesters, then have the second summer session to finish any credits so you can start teaching in the fall.)

Yikes! I was hoping to ease into the application process a little, not go HAM over the next 2 weeks. Now, granted, that’s the priority application deadline. I could apply later. But not much later, I guess, right?

I’m contemplating my 3 personal statements I have to write:

QUESTION A: Experience with difference

Please describe a specific experience in your life that required you to navigate through an environment or situation different from that which you are familiar. How did you approach this experience? What did you learn? Note that the experience you describe may reflect difference across dimensions such as race, socio-economic status, gender, language, religion, geography, sexual orientation, special needs.

QUESTION B: Educational disparities

Disparity in educational outcomes is a major challenge in Minnesota. How do you account for these disparities? How do you view your role as a future educator in addressing educational disparities?

QUESTION C: Becoming a teacher

Discuss your life and work experiences that have influenced your decision to become a teacher.

Not unreasonable things to ask. And that “under 2 pages” requirement is definitely doable. (Here is where the ghost of Mrs. Martz, my high school English teacher, comes in and says, “Sarah, you’re too concise.” As if that’s possible.) (I just realized that Mrs. Martz might be an actual ghost. Like, she might be dead now. Google google google…as of May 2012, she was alive and active online. Well, good for her. Anyway.)

I think Question A is going to be the tough one. I’m going to try to write these up as best I can starting this afternoon. My end goal for the whole app is December 31. I have an info session at U of M on Wednesday 12/5, which will answer a lot of questions, I hope to God.

On the plus side, the website says nothing about taking the GRE. Oh, man, if I could skip that step, this mad dash in December will be worth it. That’s not a silver lining, that’s a platinum lining.

I can do this. It’s just going to be hard. But that’s not a very good reason not to do something.


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