A large proportion of my posts are titled Oops!
Should have looked more closely (BTW, animated gifs aren’t showing up unless you click on them. I don’t know.)

I was mistaken in my last post. If I apply to U of M late (after December 14) I’ll likely not get in. My application won’t get “full consideration.” And I won’t find out until April 1, maybe later.

Also, there’s some weird text on the page that one of your letters has to be from the supervisor of your classroom hours. Only, how am I getting classroom hours if I am a new licensee? It’s so confusing. And I’m so glad that info session is Wednesday.

But the options as I see them are:

1) Apply anyway. Not loving this one–my application probably won’t be very strong, and I’ll find out late and have a much slimmer chance of getting in.

2) Apply next December to start June 2014. Better. I’ll have a stronger application–more Homework Hub experience, possibly some school volunteer experience, more time to get good letters of rec and to work on my app.

3) Apply and attend another school. Leaning this way. Now that I have an idea of what I want to do, I don’t want to wait 18 months to get started. And there are a few options in the area that seem good. I’ll go through them (carefully this time!) but not right now.

If you’re reading this, thanks. It’s helping me. If you’re not reading this…waaaait.


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