Not much news

Please enjoy this kitten.
Please enjoy this kitten.

Not a lot has changed in the past week or so. I’m coming out of the closet as a career changer to more and more people. Everyone has been really positive. It’s funny, because EVERYONE is like, “You should talk to my dad/sister-in-law/friend/husband.” One good thing about teaching: everyone knows a teacher. (One bad thing: everything thinks they know how to run a school because they’ve all been to school. Might be something to blog about later.)

I’m getting used to the idea of ESL and actually getting really excited about it. I also know which school I’m going to start pursuing a volunteer opportunity at. Not until the new year, though. I don’t think anything would get done before that, anyway.

I did have a moment of wondering if working in a school is too dangerous, and maybe I’d be safer not doing that. This got dismissed almost immediately. Apparently, our society is set up so that nobody can be safe from guns anywhere, and statistically, my odds are no different at school. (Actually, I think they’re better being in the Midwest than other, more ragey places, but I can’t back that up with numbers.)  I’m not going to stop going to movies or salons just because shootings happened there, too. And maybe I can help someone so later on, they don’t hurt someone else. All I can do is try.

It’s pretty fucking awful to think, however momentarily, that I should consider not teaching because I could get shot.


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