Break it down!

This one's animated, so click to view in a new window if you're gonna.
This one’s animated, so click to view in a new window to get the full effect of breaking it down.

My old plan is way out of date. Here’s a new version. I’m going to try to break down each month at least a week before it starts. I may post it here every month, I may not.

Week of 12/31:

  • Research Minneapolis Publish Schools and find 5 to apply to for my 100 hours of volunteering, including specific instructions on how to apply.
  • Write NY Resolutions (not directly related, but kind of)
  • Study Spanish (ongoing)

Week of 1/7:

  • Apply to 5 schools.
  • Contact program advisor (MM) to schedule a review of my undergrad transcript.

Week of 1/14: 

  • Interview at schools (?)
  • Meet with MM (?)
  • Research timing of MLTE and Spanish proficiency testing


  • Start studying for MLTE and Spanish proficiency tests


  • Start prerequisites?


  • Application due
  • Investigate scholarships, grants, etc.

January 2014:

  • Investigate grad student health insurance

February 2014:

  • FAFSA due for financial aid

April 2014:

  • Determine work schedule/school schedule balance. What jobs will I have to give up and which can I keep? (Do I need to move this up to August?)

June 2014:

  • Start school at U of M (ideally)
  • Application to St. Cloud State due (if needed)

So that’s the next few weeks, anyway. Like everything else, it’s a work in progress. I just hope I can fit the school volunteering into my schedule without too much shuffling.


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