Get in my brain, Spanish!

Duo the Duolingo owl says, "Si, se puede!"
Duo the Duolingo owl says, “Si, se puede!”

I had two meetings last Friday to put me closer to my grad school goal. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

First I met with my potential U of M advisor, MM. She reviewed my transcript and found it good. It looks like I won’t have any prerequisites to take. Awesome. And in fact, my undergraduate linguistics class might count for grad school, although I’m not totally counting on that.

MM also told me that doing ELL and Spanish at the same time is not that much extra work. In fact, she said, “you might as well take ELL at the same time.” She also told me that, if my volunteer experience goes well, I should have a competitive application.

But it’s not all smooth sailing from here. I have to learn the hell out of some Spanish. I have to take an oral exam (tape-recorded!) before I apply in December. I’m going to shoot for late September/early October, just in case I have to retake it.

So what do I do to learn Spanish? Duolingo is going well, when I do it consistently. Spanish language music is a good idea, although I can’t find anything I like beside “Elena la Ballena” (which, to be fair, is the jam). A conversational group, if I can find one that meets at a time that works for me (lots of them seem to like Saturday mornings, and I work or go to book club at that time). I may have to set one up myself. Movies and TV, if I can find something on Hulu Latino that doesn’t make me want to vomit out of my eye sockets. I downloaded Harry Potter y la piedra filosofia, and I can find other YA books in Spanish.

My second meeting was an orientation for volunteering in Minneapolis Public Schools. It went great! And this morning, I got an email from Wellstone International High School. I’ll start volunteering there next Tuesday. Success!

So the focus for the next 6 months? Spanish Spanish Spanish.


Espero que…

Sparrow Kay!
Sparrow Kay!

Got to make more time to learn Spanish. One thing that helps me learn is mnemonics. My Facebook friend Jill, who is also learning Spanish, is good at this. I still think of her “Llora con llaves en la lluvia” drawing when I need to remember the word llora.

Another thing is just to let my mind wander and play around with the information to absorb it. I did this very well when I was younger. But now two things have interfered: 1) My need to fulfill normal adult responsibilities (not as many as a lot of adults, since I don’t own a home or have kids, but nevertheless) and 2) My media consumption.

My inclination is to spend more time on Duolingo or reading Spanish or the like to learn Spanish more quickly, since I”m going to need to take a damn test this year if I want to teach Spanish. But I also need to spend more time just thinking. Thinking about the words, remembering what I’ve learned, just kind of being with the information.

And that’s why I made a sparrow with a name tag.

Hold the phone

"By now you're probably familiar with the IntoxBox." Are you saying I have a problem? Maybe YOU'RE the one with the problem!
“By now you’re probably familiar with the IntoxBox.” Are you saying I have a problem? Maybe YOU’RE the one with the problem!

Let me take back every complaint I have about the massage therapy industry. Because now I can promote my business to Uptown drunkies and watch the profits roll in!

This guy is just doing his job. I realize that. But my target audience can’t go to Cowboy Jack’s because they would have to pay a babysitter and they’d rather spend that money on self-care. Not to mention that my work phone is my cell phone, and I don’t need 2 a.m. prank calls about HJs.

P.S.: Why does a breathalyzer need a 19-inch HD monitor? Is the entire bar placing bets on my BAC?