Espero que…

Sparrow Kay!
Sparrow Kay!

Got to make more time to learn Spanish. One thing that helps me learn is mnemonics. My Facebook friend Jill, who is also learning Spanish, is good at this. I still think of her “Llora con llaves en la lluvia” drawing when I need to remember the word llora.

Another thing is just to let my mind wander and play around with the information to absorb it. I did this very well when I was younger. But now two things have interfered: 1) My need to fulfill normal adult responsibilities (not as many as a lot of adults, since I don’t own a home or have kids, but nevertheless) and 2) My media consumption.

My inclination is to spend more time on Duolingo or reading Spanish or the like to learn Spanish more quickly, since I”m going to need to take a damn test this year if I want to teach Spanish. But I also need to spend more time just thinking. Thinking about the words, remembering what I’ve learned, just kind of being with the information.

And that’s why I made a sparrow with a name tag.


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