Thoughts on my first day of volunteering

Please enjoy this kitten.
Please enjoy this kitten.

I’m going to organize these better and probably expand a few out into their own posts. But for now:

  • The teachers and many of the students seemed happy to see me. That’s always nice. I wasn’t sure if the teachers would know what to do with me, but they mostly used me as extra help. It felt a lot like Homework Hub, and I think that experience was extremely helpful.
  • I was in 3 different teachers’ classrooms. They all had different styles of teaching that mostly seemed to work (hard to make an exact comparison, especially after one day). One of those teachers has to write my recommendation for grad school–who will it be?
  • I like that the school day is broken up into 50-minute chunks. It helps the day go faster. It works very well for me, although in the classes with extended reading times, it interrupted some of the students before they’d finished their books. I hope they get to finish books and assignments the next day, but I don’t know–I’m only there once a week.
  • Since I’m working with ELL students, they have to read simpler materials. Some of the books I read with them were little kids’ books. I would think that would be kind of boring, but maybe these students weren’t thinking about reading for pleasure.  They certainly seemed to be appropriate for their reading levels. It was a little weird to tell one student to quit macking on the girl next to him and get back to “Turtle and Snake Go Camping.”
  •  Standing all day is hard on my back, and I was wearing my comfortable snow boots. Note to self: no heels. Sorry, fashion.
  • When I was in school, I was fascinated by the teachers’ lounge, the only room I was never allowed into. Well, guess where I ate my lunch on Tuesday? Mm-hm.

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