Duo the Duolingo owl says, "Tal vez no lo puedo."
Duo the Duolingo owl says, “Tal vez no lo puedo.”

If I’m being realistic, there is no way that I am going to achieve Spanish fluency by this autumn. And being realistic is the only choice I have.

Had I spent the last few months in a Spanish-speaking country, or working at a job where I spoke Spanish 8 hours a day, I could have done it. Maybe. Probably. That’s not what I did, though.

So I’m thinking I’m just going to apply to teach ESL only. Maybe I can add Spanish later. I’m going to keep studying (I pre-paid for 3 more private lessons, and them shits ain’t cheap).  The more Spanish I know, the better I can teach ESL–it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition.

I’m still mulling this over. Mercury is in retrograde, and while I don’t believe in astrology, my brain is acting like it’s real. Also, I tend to get cranky and depressed in July (too hot).

I should write more about summer school volunteering and stuff like that. Maybe later this weekend. It’s just been hard to get my thoughts in order. I just banged this out in a few minutes because it has to be put out there.


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