Next step: Spanish

Baby steps to Spanish. (From What About Bob?, you guys. Remember that?)
Baby steps to Spanish. (From What About Bob?, you guys. Remember that?)

I am officially done with my classroom volunteering. I’m a little sad because I’m going to miss those kids, but since it ate up my only day off of the week, I’m glad to have a little more free time/time to make some more money.  And I’ll still be at Homework Hub, so I’ll get to see those kids, and maybe a few Wellstone kids, too.  So, what do I need to do now?

That’s right: learn Spanish. That’s going OK. I came into a little money and paid for 4 private lessons, and that’s been helpful. The main thing I need to practice is speaking out loud.

I’m also going to spend 2 weeks studying in Guatemala! This is huge. I’ve never been away from home for 2 weeks before. No, really. It’s about time, right? I’ll be studying at a school in San Pedro La Laguna (last night I dreamt of San Pedro…) and staying with a family that speaks Spanish and maybe another indigenous language, but no English. My brain is aching just thinking about it.

My sister the traveler (who has a delightful blog that you should check out) has been very helpful in planning this trip. In fact, she graciously gifted me the travel miles so that I could get there in the first place. She’s going to Spain, Uganda, and possibly Wisconsin in 2013, so she’ll get them back. She also studied in Guatemala a few years ago, albeit at a different school in a different city. But tips like “Don’t bring clothes you like because they will likely be ruined,” or “Know the money exchange rate so you don’t get ripped off” are helpful.

I’ve been saying all along that I need to take the proficiency test before I apply. Well, the notes I have, which I just reviewed last night, say that I don’t have to complete it until I start student teaching. But, I also have a handwritten note that says I DO have to have it done before I apply. So, I’m just going to do that. I’m sure it will make my application stronger, in any case. Maybe I should schedule it for shortly after I return from Guatemala so I’m fresh.  Plus, if I fail, I’ll have time to retake it before the December application deadline.  Oh, and I have to take ANOTHER written test, but that’s not until I’m in the program. I forgot about that one.

One step at a time. I finished the volunteer work, I made a lot of progress with my Spanish. Now I can focus on Spanish for maybe 6-8 weeks, then go HAM on my personal statements.


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