Oh, yeah, I have a blog

Please enjoy this kitten.
Please enjoy this kitten.

I seriously forgot for a while there. Let’s see:

  1. Did not pass my Spanish test. Continuing to study. I am planning to retake in January 2014. If I don’t pass then, I probably will just do ESL teaching and skip the Spanish bit. But I think I will pass.
  2. I’ve been practicing a lot of Spanish. I had about two or three weeks when I felt like I was plateaued, but recently I think the work is paying off a bit.
  3. I want to finish up my personal statements this week. Strike that: I will finish them this weekend. After I get some feedback, I’ll polish them up and apply by December 2.
  4. Homework Hub is now called Homework Help. It’s been fun again this year. I’ve been working more with the high school kids and have seen a few of my Wellstone students.
  5. Plus, shopping for affordable health insurance (as opposed to the kind I have now). I think it’s figured out.