Boyfriend material
Boyfriend material

My PC laptop is more or less on life support. It was fine Tuesday morning, but when I came home from Homework Help on Tuesday evening, I couldn’t get anything to load. I planned to take it in for repairs, and then I thought: The battery doesn’t work. The screen doesn’t work. The DVD drive doesn’t work. The touchpad doesn’t work. I only paid $150 for it four years ago. What am I thinking?

So I got a MacBook Pro. I’ve used both PCs and Macs, and they’re both fine. But I feel like the Macs have better hardware. And since hardware was such a problem with my PC (chunks would break off and I would just throw them in a pile), I decided to try this route. I had to redo all my financial info for 2013 taxes, but QuickBooks was able to sync with my bank info and enter the Plus they gave me a student discount, even though I’m not in school yet. I did lose my Photoshop, so I’m trying to find a way around that. Not my first priority, but I do like having it. Picmonkey might be good enough for who it’s for.

Oh, and I applied for school. Still waiting to hear. I got a note on Wednesday from the program advisor that said, “Did you mean to apply to X program? Because you actually applied to Y program. Common mistake, happens a lot. I’ll make the change for you if you want. ” So that’s going just swimmingly.

And finally, I have a new boyfriend for the first time in mmmmph years. It’s going well. I like him. He likes me. It’s one more thing to make time for, which is difficult sometimes. It’s worthwhile so far, though. A lot is going to change in my life if I get into school or if I don’t, so I’m just taking it a little at a time.