Unskinny bibimbap

My 비빔밥 is not quite this delicious-looking, but it's all right.
My 비빔밥 is not quite this delicious-looking, but it’s all right.

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because not a lot is happening. I still don’t know where I’m going to be in Korea, but I think I will have an interview soon. I was asked to resend my resume, so I am optimistic. I am trying to engage in magical thinking by painting my nails in work-appropriate neutrals so I will be interview ready. I created an intro video of myself so that the Koreans will know that I can speak clearly and am not a total ding-dong. I hope that speeds things along

Once I get a contract signed with a Korean school, I will apply for a visa. Then once that’s approved, it’ll be about 5 or 6 weeks before butt meets airplane and I leave. So if I get an offer soon, my original estimate of August would be accurate. If I don’t, then the estimate is wrong. What can I do? It’s been a great exercise in letting go of expectations.

Someone asked me a few days ago, “Do you like Korean food?” Uh, I hope so. I have tried the kimchi (김치 if you’re nasty) at World Street Kitchen and it was delicious (but I would probably eat my own hand if World Street Kitchen cooked it). I made bibimbap at home, and it was pretty good. I mean, it’s just rice, egg, and whatever vegetables or kimchi or meat you feel like tossing in there, as I understand it. I have heard that fruit is expensive in Korea, but rice and vegetables seem to be plentiful. Frankly, I could stand to use a few LBs, so if I’m not in love with the food, that may be for the best. I’m not going to starve, anyway.

Learning Korean is a little tricky. I have the consonants down pat, but the vowels are a little wobbly. So thankful for YouTube lessons where I can hear a native speaker pronounce them. I have a book that I will likely recommend if I ever stop feeling like I’m getting my ass kicked every time I open it. Anyway, the author feels that, in order to learn Korean correctly, the language should be written in Korean, not Romanized letters. So, 한글, not hangul. I agree, but it’s been frustrating. (BTW, I’m using Google Translate for the 한글 in this post. I don’t know how to type in Korean yet. I can just about sound out words, but I should practice spelling them by sound.)

Ah, well, a little practice every day and I think I’ll get there. I don’t think I’ll ever sit down and read a novel for fun in Korean, like I can in Spanish (just barely), but that’s fine.

Bucket list: Had a Jucy Lucy. Delicious, five stars, would eat again. Went to the Minnesota Zoo. Got animal poop on my arm, but had a great time otherwise. Victor’s 1959 is planned for next week. The rest of the list items are less important, but if it’s not too much stress, I’ll get to them.


2 thoughts on “Unskinny bibimbap

  1. From one ‘sotan to another- good luck making it to the ROK! Try talktomeinkorean.com for the BEST Korean lessons I have ever found. They’ve been helping me more than survive here for 4 years. 😀

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