I have no idea what’s going on

We're going to need a lot of kittens.
Please enjoy this kitten (includes bonus kitten).

It’s July 17. I certainly thought I’d know where I was going by now. But I don’t have a job yet. It’s really starting to wear me down.

I got really upset with my placement agency in early July. (I’m going to name them eventually so that other people can use the information, since there’s a lack of good reviews and information out there. Right now, I don’t think it would be wise to do so.) Mainly, the recruiter in Korea wasn’t answering my questions. So I asked to be moved to their China program. China is so eager for teachers, I’ll be much easier to place, right?

Well. I have yet to hear anything. It’s really getting me down, I have to say. I’m going to be 40 a month from today. What do I have to show for it? I’m leaving my job and my home, giving up my sweet kitty, and for what? I thought it was a sure thing, but it feels like a gamble. And like every other gamble in my life, I seem to be betting wrong.

I’m looking for other jobs without the agency. It’s quite apparent that I put too much faith in them. I haven’t gotten any results yet. It sounds like things tend to be very last-minute in Asia generally, but if you factor in the time needed to get a visa, time is getting short.

I’m really trying to stay positive about this and keep going. I still have hope and a lot of skills to offer. But it’s getting really difficult. I hope I can look back at this and say, wow, that was all for nothing. Who knows, though?


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