I got a job in China

This is where I will be living.
This is where I will be living and working. WEIRD.

Finally, after much (unnecessary, maybe) internal drama, I got a job teaching English. I’ll be an instructor at Chongqing University. I don’t know when I’ll be leaving, but the school term starts September 1, so late August sometime.

Allow me to anticipate some of your questions:

“But I thought you were going to Korea?” “But you said something about Taiwan?” You weren’t wrong. It was hard to keep everyone in the loop all of the time, so I’m sorry if you got left out. And frankly, I tried to keep my cards close to my chest so I wouldn’t have to update everyone all the time, as it can be a little emotionally draining to constantly engage with my anxieties. But yeah, it’s China. It’s confirmed. It’s happening.

“Do you remember any of that Chinese you took in college?” A little. It’s coming back. I’ll have more time to focus once I’ve moved out of my place (which I should be preparing to do instead of writing this, but social media generation, urge to share, etc).

“What’s it like in Chongqing?” Hot as balls, apparently. I’ll miss snow! But I won’t have to bring a winter coat or boots, so more room in my bag. It’s the fourth largest city in China, so there should be a good-sized expat community. Spicy food. I don’t know. I’m learning.

“Bitch, aren’t you almost 40? What are you doing?” Whatever I feel like doing, gosh. Here is something I read the other day: “Your Comfort Zone is designed to keep your life safe. Instead, it keeps your life small.”

“Can I Skype you while you’re gone?” God, yes, I’ll need that. sarahsnider612, because my heart is still in Minneapolis.

Details to follow.


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