another change in plans

Where are the magical giant visa pandas when I need them?
Where are the magical giant visa pandas when I need them?

Remember how I was planning to leave on Monday the 18th? Well, I didn’t get my visa, so that’s not happening. I am a silly person and I assumed that, since I was expected to arrive in China on the 20th, the visa would be ready by then. I guess it COULD have been ready, in theory. Theory isn’t practice. Lesson learned.

Just a paragraph of reassurance: I still have a job waiting for me. The school wants me, but the government is taking longer for whatever reason. I’m not the only one in Chongqing with this issue, so there will be a separate orientation for us, and I’ll start work when I’m ready. I did have to cancel my reservation (yes, I made reservations without a visa–ask me how well that worked out), but it wasn’t as expensive as one might guess (and I believe the school will cover the cost). And my friends said I can stay with them longer if needed.

So, now what? I guess I have some time to take care of a few things I wanted to do before I leave. I can go to the Minnesota State Fair! My friend says she might have some work I can take care of (for money, which is a thing I may run out of if I treat this like some crazy pre-China rumspringa). I can study Chinese in earnest.

Psychologically, though, it’s taking a toll. I turn 40 tomorrow, and it’s a natural time to look forward and backward. But I don’t know what I’m looking forward to, or how long I have to wait until I get out of this liminal state. The birthday is just adding to the weirdness of the situation.


3 thoughts on “another change in plans

  1. State Fair!!! I know you’re frustrated & i hope the giant visa pandas come through for you soon. But… state fair! 🙂

  2. Good luck, I hope all goes well in the end. I know the US computer system related to visas has been going down A LOT this summer, which has created a lot of problems, not sure if that was related to your issue or not.

    • I’m not sure if that’s related either, although now that you mention it, I think I heard about that as well. All I can do is wait and try not to freak out (and try not to start an international incident with China, but that goes without saying).

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