moving and moving on

Zoe (and my left eye)
Zoe (and my left eye)

Here’s what I’ve done this week:

  • Moved out of my apartment. I’ve lived in that unit for five years and in the building for seven. It’s very strange to have it not be my home anymore. It’s also very strange that I was able to pack so much crap into such a small apartment. I had greater than average closet space, which is a blessing and a curse, let me tell you. So many hidden treasures, forgotten craft projects, old papers–I found papers I had written in college! They weren’t even papers I did well on! What was I thinking?
  • Moved into my friends’ house. The guest room is pretty much stuffed to the gills with my crap. I definitely do not have my belongings distilled down to two suitcases and a carryon. I have a few days to do that.
  • Finished working at the Healing Garage. End of an era. It’s hard to let go of things, like, do we have enough paper towels? Should we buy a new water filter? And of course, the massage, but that doesn’t require a lot of brain space at this stage.
  • Said goodbye to Zoe. That was the hardest thing of all. She has been with me since she was 8 weeks old. I wanted to take care of her for the rest of her life. I can’t now, and I can’t really explain it to her. My friends are taking really good care of her, so at least I feel good about that. I was driving away from Zoe’s new home on Wednesday morning and the radio decided to play “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen. So many tears. Wednesday was hard.
  • Bought a plane ticket. That is a major purchase! I was told that I’d need a round-trip ticket because China might not let me in without proof that I can get back out. So, major money, but I think I got the best deal possible (and the school will reimburse me when I complete my contract). Twenty-six hours later, I’ll be in Chongqing.

I think I’ve earned the right to sleep in tomorrow.


I am tired

Also, tired of being admired.
Also, tired of being admired.

…of wondering if every male potential client who calls me is a potential creepy dude. Maybe I should have thought things through before I started massage school, but I really didn’t realize I would be accused of/mistaken for/butt of jokes about being a prostitute.

I had a creepy guy come in last May. And let me tell you something: I don’t use the word “creepy” lightly. (I normally dislike the word, since it’s imprecise and, I think, often used to marginalize harmlessly odd people.) This guy was just…strange. And he wanted a lot of groin area work. He stormed out before the session started. Why? He REALLY objected to using a face cradle when face-down, and I was just getting the vibe that he wanted to boss the situation. I’ll work with people, but you have to acknowledge that I have a skill set and respect that.

I think I’ve always been cautious about this sort of thing, but I feel like I have way less tolerance now, or less willingness to give the benefit of the doubt. Meeting new people isn’t my strong suit anyway, and having to on guard against that sort of thing is an added stress I don’t want to deal with.

Sorry to be so whiny. I’ll post about volunteering soon. It’s going great.